Commercial Lending

Ag Loans

Agricultural Loans

Agricultural forms the foundation of the region.  Likewise agriculture is the bank’s foundation.

For over 100 years, through drought, the Great Depression, and numerous other disasters, the First State Bank of Warner has been here to help the area farmers and ranchers meet the challenges, and, not only survive, but thrive!

Our commitment and expertise are extraordinary.  This insures our responsiveness and sensitivity to your needs.  Your loan officer will have direct input into your loan request.  You won’t have to wait for a group of “experts” in another city or state to act on your request.

The First State Bank of Warner offers competitive rates and flexible repayment plans with minimal fees and without hidden costs.  

Some of the products we offer our Ag Producers are:

*  Operating lines of credit

*  Equipment and vehicle financing

*  Livestock loans of all types

*  Ag real estate loans

*  Letters of credit

Loans can be set up as follows:

*  Revolving lines of credit

*  Non-revolving lines of credit

*  Fixed rates

*  Variable Rates

*  Flexible terms and repayment plans

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Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

The First State Bank of Warner understands the rewards and challenges facing our business and agricultural community. Because we are locally owned and managed we face the same day to day and long term decisions as our friends in the business community.

Some of the types of financing options available are:

*  Operating lines of credit
*  Equipment and vehicle financing
*  Inventory purchases
*  Real estate loans
*  Business purchases
*  Small Business Administration loans
*  Our rates are competitive and terms are flexible to accommodate your unique situation.

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